Monday, March 15, 2010

I work at Starbucks part-time to help bring in some income to our household, but my real job is being the mother of two little boys who are about to turn one and two years old. I love both of these jobs, but they leave me little time to do any artwork. As soon as I sit down with pen and paper I hear a thud and a cry and have to go kiss somebody's boo boo. . .and that's just my husband. The kids are worse.
Max recently tried to write on the computer monitor with a pen . . . a nib pen, and he has also discovered that he likes to paint, too, so pulling out the acrylics when he's around is asking for trouble. Henri is so little that he still wants to be held all the time and it's a bit difficult to hold a paintbrush and a squirming baby at the same time.
That having been said, I think that there has never been a time in my life that I've been so inspired to create. My beautiful children who are full of life and love and vitality are the reason that I want to do any artwork to begin with. One day they'll be in school and I'll miss the messes and the craziness and the little baby boys who want nothing more than my attention. It's nice to be able to sit alone and paint sometimes, but it is even nicer to be needed.
I have to go now. I just heard a crash.

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